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Wine Tasting Tips

Wine Tasting TipsCalling all wine connoisseurs, casual winos, and folks just looking for something new and fun to do: Starting this month we will be hosting wine tastings!We proudly offer one of state’s largest selections of Texas Wine, with more than 40 vineyards and 200 varietals available. With our vast selection of delectable, and flavorful options we’re sure to please your taste buds. For your educational enjoyment, and so you can feel like a wine pro, here are some wine tasting tips so you will know what to look for so you can indulge in the full experience.

  1. Color and Clarity:  When you choose a glass of wine don’t just write it off as red, white, or blush. Tilt your glass away from you and examine the true color. If it’s a red it could be described as maroon, purple, ruby, etc. If it’s a white it could be described as clear, pale yellow, or even light green. As far as the clarity your wine could be translucent, cloudy, brilliant or dull. All of these descriptions will really tell you more about the ambiance of the wine.
  1. Swirl and Smell: After you visually observe the color and clarity, you’ll want to take a whiff; here’s the best way to go about smelling your wine. Swirl your wine around in the glass for about 5-10 seconds. Doing this, will help vaporize some of the wine’s alcohol and release more of its natural aromas. Then stick your nose into the top of the glass. This way you will get to truly discover the prominent notes or your wine selection.
  1. Activate Taste Buds: Now it’s finally time to taste the wine. Start by taking a small sip and let the wine roll around in your mouth briefly so your taste buds can catch every delicious moment. Notice the alcohol content, and if your wine is bitter, sweet, or tart.

With thes
e tips on what to look for when exploring new wines you’re sure to look like a pro. Your taste buds will certainly favor one type of wine over the other but make sure to keep an open mind and try a variety. You never know if you’ll enjoy something until you try it!

The Art of the Wine-A-Rita

taste buds wine-a-ritaAll the best things in life come in pairs; Oreos and milk, mac and cheese, chips and salsa. Well we figured we all love wine and margaritas on their own but sometimes you just have one of those days where you’re looking to… save a glass… and combine them. And that’s exactly how the Wine-A-Rita was born!

Our Wine-A-Rita is house made, an exceptionally cool and refreshing beverage for the summer night out with the girls or date night. The perfect marriage of the wonderfully complex flavors of Central Texas wine, with the refreshing fruity notes of a margarita. Blended together in harmony to make a delightful after dinner treat or refreshing stop during a long hard day of shopping in Wimberley.

Calling all friends 21 and older! (With a valid, government issued photo ID, of course.) Come visit our wine bar and try our masterfully blended Wine-A-Rita first hand, especially on $5 Fridays from 3pm-7pm! We have daily tastings but you can always get in contact with us to see what other fun events we’re having or for more information on tastings.

As always, we encourage everyone to drink responsibly. Remember you limitations when indulging in these delicious drinks and that driving while under the influence is not only illegal, but not fitting your wonderful character.